Eating one Cook Egg Everyday Keeps Doctors Away From You. See how

#Eggs contain good quality protein
# Eating eggs every day is beneficial for eyes
# Eggs can reduce risk of heart disease
One egg a day keeps a doctor away. Even if you make it two, it is not as harmful as you think it to be.

All of you may have different views which you base on some information gathered on the internet about the nutritious value of eggs. Most of you doubt eggs because of the fats and the amount of cholesterol they contain. But the lesser known fact is that fats and cholesterol in eggs are harmful only for those who are highly sensitive towards cholesterol – like patients with a cardiac problems or heart

As a matter of fact, eggs are one the most nutritious foods in the world. A whole egg contains all the nutrients you require to turn a single cell into a baby chicken! Eggs also contain various trace nutrients that are important for your health. But eggs in any form – scrambled, poached, boiled, omelet – have all the essential nutrition which are predominant for keeping.

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