Nigerian Youths Declare support To Iheanacho Ezeakor As their APDA Presidential Candidate

It was something else in Enugu on Sunday 20th January.
Is he the annointed one ?
Is he the saviour that will save this country ?

His Excellency, Iheanacho Ezeakor made his first move as a presidential candidate which drew Nigerian youths across the country to Enugu to declare their support to their own, a potential youth president.

Ezeakor made it clear that Nigeria need a new and youthful president who had not been involved in Nigeria politics as the old politicians are corrupt and evil minded.
He broke religious and ethnic boundaries while unifying the youths.

He called for a youth village where youths from every ward and every local government in Nigeria should become one and stand with him to enable the youths turn things around during this up coming general election to see him as the next president of Nigeria even though the court is yet to return his presidential mandate from the evil minded party chairman of APDA who sluted his own name after Ezeakor won the candidacy.
As the campaign was over and the youths went back, a sudden heavy mysterious rain took over Enugu which made a lot of people to start seeing Ezeakor as a God sent and that God has used the rain to confirm that.

God works in a divine way so Nigerians should not over look this particular incident which is a very big sign confirming that Ezeakor is the man to rule this country this time.

I stand with Iheanacho Ezeakor. see pics below

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