Things To Do When You Are About To Be Raped

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Rape is forcing sexual intercourse upon another person without consent or against their will.
Rape is never something you plan or want. it may be by a total stranger or someone familiar
NB these schemes may not certainly stop the rape but will reduce the chances of a successful rape. This topic is focused on female rape by a stranger on the streets or lonely places

  1. Carry A Little Weapon
    Women who walk alone at night are always advised to carry with them, something small but harmful in their purses; things such as a table knife, steel pen or a pepper spray and perfume which can disconcert if aimed and sprayed in the eyes. Hold it in your hands while approaching a lonely road. You can pick up a big stone or bottle from the streets if there are any. Don’t be afraid to use it in self defense and flee the scene immediately.
  2. Scream or Negotiate
    If the scene isn’t completely deserted, scream for help. Please note that this tactic is not always useful if the rapist is armed. If he is armed, try to negotiate . A street rapist is a likely thug, offer him money, jewelry or something materialistic for your release.
  3. Fight or Struggle.
    Two things can happen in a fight or struggle
    a. you could fight your way out of danger (always aim for the eyes and male sex organ which is the penis when throwing blows)
    b. the other thing that can happen when you struggle is that you cause him to scratch or hit you; not such a good option but it will serve as proof of rape to the police or right authorities especially if you’ve seen the rapist’s face and can identify him anytime when asked to do so.
  4. Disgust Him.
    Spit on yourself,fart,belch,shed tears (which could cause sympathy also comes with cough and cattarh), throw up if you can, make yourself look less appealing and attractive just to turn him off. This becomes necessary when 1,2 and 3a doesn’t work
  5. Never Beg And Never Insult A Rapist.
    Begging could be a major turn on to a rapist, he feels intoxicated with power and will act like the animal he is. Do not also further provoke him by calling him names or insulting his family, you could end up dead on the streets.
  6. When running away don’t just run towards your original destination run quickly towards the direction of the light, public or even the police, scream help as you run If you managed to knock him out the first time. If you managed to elude him the first time,chances are he will come after you harder and angrier the second time. If you were released, just run away from the scene as quickly as possible before he changes his mind. You may not be lucky twice so RUN
    These tactics could come in handy but if you can stay away from thugs and lonely places, please do so because as they always say, you are better safe than sorry.

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