Youth Sued APDA Party And The Chairman Over Presidential Ticket.

His excellency Iheanacho Ezeakor is a youth who understood n knows what the youths, the poor and the less privileged are passing througYh in this country.

He is very exposed as he has travelled far n wide with a lot of contacts and connections to take this country to a greater hieght. To attract investors that will also create jobs.

He is diplomatic, discipline n law abiding. If he becomes the president of this country, things will be better.

He won the presidential candidate under APDA but the party chairman Mr. Shitu Kabiru Mohammed out of jealous and envy submited his own name instead Iheanacho Ezeakor.

You cannot be a referee in the same match ur playing, u cannot eat ur cake n have it Mr. Shittu. You cannot blow hot n cold at the same time.

The youths has sued the party and the chairman. The case is moving to our advantage and the presidential ticket will be returned to Iheanacho Ezeakor very soon.

This is a typical example of what is and has been putting this country backwards. This is why we do not want any old politician this time as the president of this country because they are all corrupt n always think evil which is not what we need this time in this country

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